By making use of any part of this service you are agreeing to these terms of service. Making use of the service includes any of the following actions:

I am allowed to change these terms without warning. If you make use of this service, it is your responsibility to pay attention to updated terms and comply with them.

I take no responsibility for the security of servers or clients making use of this service. Keeping your own system secure is your responsibility.

Any disputes over content accessed through this service or over security breaches exploited through this service must be resolved between user and site owner without involving me or operators of NAT64 peers in the dispute.

Complaints about any client's or server's use of this service must be directed only to the operator of the network where the ultimate client or server is hosted. The complaint must not concern the IP address of any of the peers providing this service. If you unable to identify the correct IP address you are not to file any complaint.

Complaints targeting peers for actions not done by the operator of that peer is a violation, and by filing such a complaint you agree to compensate the operator of the peer for: salary for time consumed responding the complaint, any downtime as a result, any legal expenses, and any other expenses caused by your complaint.

You are not allowed to send a packet flood to this service or to any other system through this service.

You are not allowed to attempt to breach the security of the servers hosting this service or the software running on them.

You are not allowed to perform attacks on systems through this service without consent of the owner of the targeted system. What constitutes an attack includes but is not limited to: Sending spam in any form. Scanning IPs and/or ports. Exploiting security vulnerabilities.

You are not allowed to use this service for any illegal purposes.

Pointing AAAA records through the NAT64 prefixes is only permitted for low traffic domains. You are only allowed to create such AAAA records if you operate IPv4 peers handling most of the resulting traffic.

Use of these NAT64 gateways with 464XLAT is permitted when the 464XLAT services individual devices or small dual stack networks.

There are no promise about availability of this service. You will not be compensated for downtime.

As operator of a NAT64 peer you are not allowed to keep logs of connections without prior consent from each client being logged. In particular IPv4-side peers are not allowed to log the client IPv6 addresses or Teredo relay addresses used by them.

I may keep logs of the following information:

Peers may rate-limit traffic. Selectively rate limiting only some classes of traffic is not permitted.

IPv6 peers are not allowed to intercept traffic from clients with prior consent from the clients. Traffic must be passed through between client and the Teredo prefix.

IPv4 peers are only allowed to intercept traffic if the server IPv4 address matches one of the following criteria:

An IPv4 peer must not be configured to only allow traffic terminated on that peer itself. The peer must allow at least twice as much bandwidth to be used for communication with servers on other IPv4 addresses as the amount of traffic terminated on the peer itself.

I am allowed to block or rate-limit to the coordination service.

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