Peer-to-peer NAT64 network

To use the NAT64 service without contributing:

  1. Read the terms of service.
  2. Configure your system to use these nameservers:
    • 2a01:4f8:c2c:123f:69::1
    • 2a00:1098:2b:0:69::1
    • 2a01:4f9:c010:3f02:69::1
  3. Encourage others to help running the service.

Yes, that is really everything you need to do!

Now that you are here you may want to read more about why this service exists and what you can do to help running this service.

If you are looking for hosting and want to help keep my costs for running this service down, consider checking out this Hetzner referral link. I won't receive any money from that, but I may receive a discount on the hosting costs I pay to keep this service running.